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Blacktop Unlimited introduced its wide range of services in 1996 and was initially named as Blacktop Seal coating Company. We offer our range of services to the following areas: NY, Long Island Area located in Nassau County and Suffolk County County. At Blacktop Unlimited, we offer you diverse asphalt seal coating services being expert driveway contractors. Our wide range of services include blacktop driveway seal coating, blacktop parking garage seal coating and crack filling. Our services are catered for business, office as well as residential places. We assure you that we will use good quality blacktop sealer made of rubber and in order to get thickest coatings it is brushed over your blacktop. This sealer has ability to dry efficiently within four hours of application and after that you can move over your new blacktop seal freely.

Being one of the reliable driveway contractors in the area, we fulfill all requirements and provide you solutions regarding your requirements and need of seal coats for your driveways and parking slots. We have various and wide range of top quality seal coats specifically for your driveways and parking slots. We being your expert driveway contractors will visit your place and offer you blacktop service then at first they will examine your old blacktop condition. If it is in good condition with minor cracks on your driveway surface then, we being cost saving driveway contractors just apply one coat. On the other hand if your driveway surface is extensively cracked then they will remove old seal coat and apply new high quality blacktop seal coating. Our repairing and maintaining services are also outclass and are inexpensive as well.

We will provide you high quality services and assure you for that. To maintain a long lasting relationship with our customers being their preferred driveway contractors, we don’t take any advance installments.

Our Range of Services:

Blacktop Unlimited provide you vast range of various services including Tree Removal and Asphalt and Deck Pressure Washing and Sealing. We provide following services to our customers: Asphalt Seal Coating, Asphalt Hot Patching, Asphalt Paving, Pot Hole Repair, Hot AC Crack Filling, Blacktop and Concrete Aprons, Blacktop Speed Bumps, Concrete Driveways, Concrete Patios, Concrete Sidewalks and Paths, Concrete Curbs, Belgium Block Aprons, Belgium Block Borders, Belgium Block Curbs, Brick Paver Borders, Brick Paver Driveways, Brick Paver Patios Brick Paver Paths, Stoops, Drywell Installation, Sinking Storm Drain Repair, French Drain Installation, Channel Drain Installation, Steel Bollard Installation, Concrete Car Stop Installation, Rubber Car Stop Installation, Plastic Car Stop Installation, Delineators, Bluestone Walkways, Bluestone Stoops and Flagstone Walkways.

We being one of the most reliable driveway contractors in the town, provide all blacktop services and solutions regarding your driveway or parking slots requirements. In order to get customer satisfaction, we select best quality products to seal cracks in your driveways and our expert and well trained team will provide you all services and assures you quality work. We are the only most experienced driveway company that assure you and provide you high quality blacktop services. With your one phone call, we will be at your door step in order to provide you range of blacktop services.

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